Weekend Recap!

It was a hot weekend in the D.C. area, which meant that about the only outdoor activity I was interested in was going to the pool.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  I took advantage of the warmer weather to use it as an excuse to stay inside and get some organizing done around the apartment.  At this point we don't really have too much else that we can take to Goodwill, and we've identified what will go into storage at my parent's house...now we just have to get it there so we can make room for Baby J!  Saturday marked the beginning of week 28 for me, so I'm officially in the third trimester. In the next month or so, we're planning to start preparing in earnest now that Baby J's arrival is getting closer.

Despite the heat, on Saturday night the husband and I did walk to the Arlington cemetery, but even that seemed too hot. With the events last week, it seemed especially sad to visit the memorial.
On Sunday afternoon, I had some returns to do at the mall, and I couldn't resist buying a few things for Baby J, as the summer items are on sale.   I know she will be growing out of everything so quickly, which in some ways makes me kind of sad, but I'm trying to remember this so we save money for when she's older and will actually be aware of what we are putting her in.  I've been obsessed with these baby shoes though, and so when I saw them on sale for $5, I couldn't resist.
They seem so tiny, but these actually won't fit her until she's 18 months!
How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy some fun in the sun?


P*P*P said...

Your little girl obviously needed those shoes -- too precious! Also, how exciting that you've made it to the 3rd trimester. Now things are REALLY getting real, no? Time will probably FLY by!

Elle Sees said...

i did have some fun in the sun--went to a pool party. and yes, you had to get those shoes. so cute.