Baby Shower Recap!

As I mentioned, this past weekend was my baby shower!  My sister flew in on Thursday night and stayed until Tuesday, so I took off some time to be able to spend it with her.  It was definitely great to have the extra time with my family. My sister hosted, but it was at my parents house so it would be convenient for everyone.  I think my mom enjoyed decorating and getting everything ready.  
I was surprised by how many people were able to at least seemed like a lot for an introvert like me!  It was really great to see everyone and feel so supported. My sister-in-law took a ton of pictures, but I thought I'd just share the highlights for my memories.The shower was at 2:00pm, so there really wasn't a need for a lot of food, but of course we had quite a spread.
My one cousin who lives out west couldn't make it, but she sent flowers.  It was definitely a sweet surprise!
My brother came over before the shower to help out and he gave Baby J. some flashcards to help her with the flags of the different countries.  It's an inside joke from when my brother was in high school and got confused about a doesn't seem funny to anyone else, but I found it hilarious. 
My dad went and hung out with my brother during the shower, but we decided to take a few family shots before.  
Fortunately, my sister decided not to do too many games, but she did create a blessing board where everyone wrote a message for Baby J.  All of the notes are really sweet, and I plan on reading them to her when she is born and also keeping them for later.
The husband's aunt was able to come and she made Baby J a beautiful quilt. She's also in the process of making her a flannel one, but this one is an "Apache Birth Blessing". She made an inscription on the back that says "May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life."
My sister-in-law also made Baby J a blanket and one of my mom's friends from church crocheted a blanket too.  It's amazing how much love everyone has for Baby J already. 
I think we all enjoyed visiting and catching up.  As everyone was leaving, we sent them home with some chocolates.
It was definitely a fun time, and I'm starting to feel like it is all a little bit more real!  We are down to less than two months!


P*P*P said...

Ahhh! This is so cute/fun! I loved reading this update and seeing all of the adorable details. I bet you felt so special all many people surrounding you and your little baby with love! Looks like such a special time. :) Happy for you!

MCW said...

Love her name :)

And that quilt is just beautiful!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

Everything looks so adorable!! I love those thank you cards you got too! They're just my style lol