Five for Friday!

After the shower last weekend, I've been pretty focused on all things baby this week..shocking, I know.

First, our friends and family were so generous at the shower so I've spent my evenings organizing all of our baby things.  I'm actually impressed that we've been able to put everything away and our little apartment hasn't been overtaken by baby things.  It seems that our purging and putting things in storage has paid off...there are still the big baby items to come, but I have to admit that I'm encouraged!

Related to everyone's generosity are the thank you notes.  I'm happy to report that I sent out over thirty this past week!

Third, I bought some new shoes! The ones I purchased last week didn't work (I think my feet might be growing slightly with this pregnancy), so I picked these up from DSW. To be honest, they aren't the most comfy, but I think they look cute.
Fourth, we finally pulled the trigger and bought Baby J's stroller and crib!  We still have a few other big purchases left, but we are making progress. I can't wait until we get the crib set up.
Fifth, we are headed to Charlottesville this weekend to visit friends.  I'm excited about our little weekend trip! Related to our trip, in the latest Southern Living, they did an idea house in the area.  We won't be checking it out (I truly can't imagine the husband doing that), but I enjoyed reading the feature.
I hope you have a happy weekend!  It seems like August is flying by.


saw said...

Love the new shoes and crib!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tess said...

Yay for crib and stroller decisions being made! The stroller was hard for us....I ended up with two!!! Since our shower last weekend I have major nesting going on to, it's like I can't be stopped ;)