Pregnancy Update: Weeks 30 and 31!

Size of Baby: A little over three pounds, the size of a coconut!  (I've been thinking that she is still only two pounds, so this seems like a jump this week!)

Nursery: We ordered her crib and my parents gave us a Winnie the Pooh sheet set. A colleague at work also gave us an adorable Winnie the Pooh mobile. I can't wait to get it all set up! We've definitely gone all in with the theme, which I know isn't very sophisticated, but I think it will work.  I'm hoping to mix and match the artwork a little bit and I also plan to break up the set with pink crib sheets.
Symptoms: I was feeling pretty tired, but I think I'm getting some more energy.  I think it might be psychological as the doctor told me that I should be feeling's not until a little later in the trimester that things get I'm trying to live it up. And by live it up, I mean make sure I get my naps whenever I can.

Cravings: I've been having my share of nectarines, but definitely trying to make sure that I watch my sweets.

Best Moment: The baby shower!  It was great to celebrate with family and friends, and I also enjoyed the extra few days with my sister and parents. 

Looking Forward To: This Wednesday we have our baby infant class and on Saturday we have our hospital tour.  I had the labor and delivery class last week, so it's definitely getting real around here!

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