Shower Hostess Gift Ideas!

As I've mentioned, I'm pretty excited about my shower this upcoming weekend.  I feel so very blessed because so many people are truly making such an effort to make it a special day.  I wanted to come up with something creative for hostess gifts, but I couldn't really think of anything.  I did know that I wanted to get something pink in honor of  Baby J, so I used that as my inspiration. I thought these thank you notes from Kate Spade were so pretty, so I picked up a pack last weekend.  I decided to do different guests for each host, since I thought they might enjoy that better. For my sister-in-law I picked up this little wristlet for her, and I hope she enjoys it. 

Two of my mom's friends are also coming early to help, so I decided to get them some nice bath products (not original, but hopefully useful).

 For the grandma's-to-be, I wanted to get them something special to recognize them, so I thought these candles from Papyrus worked well.

I also have my work shower coming up, so I decided to take care of that early and purchased these earrings from the Loft to give to the hostesses.  It isn't anything extravagant, but I hope it shows my appreciation!
It definitely ended up being a hodge-podge of ideas, but I think that they will all work well.  For my sister's gift, I'll have to share later because she reads my blog, but I hope she enjoys it! I think it is just nice to have little token of gratitude. What do you like to give as hostess gifts?  I was surprised that there weren't too many ideas on Pinterest, so I'd love to hear what you do!


Amanda Klein said...

Darling picks for gifts :) I'd rock that wristlet! And I Almond Oil reminds me of being pregnant - I craved it so much a bought almond extract just to sniff. Random, right??

Elle Sees said...

i think they worked out well! i love what you picked out for them.

P*P*P said...

GREAT ideas! I think all of those are such nice gifts!! I'll need to start thinking about that pretty soon...but my shower isn't until September. :)