Thoughts on Maternity Clothes

Like everyone else going into pregnancy, I wanted to spend as little money on maternity clothes as possible.  At the very beginning, I bought a few things from the Loft that were an additional 70% off, which really I could have skipped, but I was excited and I didn't know any better. I also got a $5 pair of maternity jeans from the Gap, which I actually think I will end up wearing mostly postpartum because it will be colder and I know my old jeans won't be fitting right away. So while I don't regret these purchases, they probably weren't the most cost-effective.

I realized that if I wanted to actually have a cohesive wardrobe, I needed to come up with a plan, so I decided that dresses would be the cheapest way to go, and bought a few from Old Navy and Target.  The maternity dresses that I love the most is from Target. This dress is so comfy, but still work appropriate. I bought it in black and also navy blue.  I like that I can add jewelry or a scarf to change my look.
For my other dresses, I found that Macy's was actually a good resource.  The selection isn't huge, but I was able to find a few dresses for $15 each, which pretty much completed my maternity wardrobe.  My plan is just to keep on wearing the same 5-6 dresses until October.  I figure that way I get my use out of them, and can save my money for after Baby J is born and I will probably be wanting a few new things.

For casual clothes, I've actually been able to wear these dresses that I bought last summer from H&M.  I have three of them in different colors, and they were all about $12.  I wear them all the time on the weekends, so I think it's safe to say I got my money's worth. Ahh, the power of a little stretchy fabric. Considering I'm in week 32, I really can't believe that they've served me so well.
So that's how I've dealt with maternity clothes. It's definitely not the most stylish, but it's been comfortable and relatively inexpensive. For those of you who have gone through this process, what was your strategy? 


Dina Gideon said...

Three times makes me qualified to speak my mind, lol. I had all three at different times of year, so I have a larger maternity wardrobe.

Best purchases--hands down the jersey dresses, non-maternity and maternity. I wore those CONSTANTLY as a teacher/stay at home mom. I ran warm, so even in winter I would wear these bare-legged, with just a coat opened up.

I also loved my pants/shorts purchases with the full belly panel. There were only two or three pairs of pants that fit me with just the shorter belly panel/elastic. I would have to wear even those with a belly band over it to keep it up AND a strong elastic sling (that closed with velcro) under my belly. The full belly panel pants worked so well with my frame, which would be thin except for this MASSIVE belly protruding from my body.

The belly bands and elastic sling thingy were great, too, especially since the belly got so heavy I needed those to keep my back from being thrown out, they really helped keep the belly supported.

Unnecessary for me were the underwear and the maternity coat purchases. The underwear was just stupid since my regular underwear fits until the day I give birth and after that point in postpartum I wear massive huge granny panties, lol. The coats are great if you run cold, but the only one I ever wore (and still wear since it is very slim and sleek looking and has a tie belt) is a trench coat from a Pea in the Pod.

I think I did a post on it, but it's been a while. If I remember, I'll drop a link here.

I love the items you chose! They are so pretty!

Amanda Klein said...

Dresses - yes! And wear them now, because once you are breastfeeding/pumping, dresses are not at all practical...