Weekend Recap: A Little Summer Roadtrip!

As I mentioned, this weekend the husband and I went down to Charlottesville (the husband had a work event on Friday night).  On Saturday, we stopped by Baggby's for lunch, and then we decided to drive a few more hours to go visit his parents. It was a short visit, but I'm glad we were able to do it.

On the drive back home the husband and I couldn't help but talk about the fact that Baby J will be here in less than two months (even if she is a week late!).  We are still a little uncertain about how we are going to make it work with our apartment. I actually felt really confident this past week, especially with the baby shower items fitting easily, but I think that the husband and I are both nervous about where to put the crib and rocking chair.  To be honest, it would be really nice if we had a traditional nursery, but I think it will be okay.  After we got home on Sunday night,  I decided to weed out about 15 more books.  For some reason, I'm convinced that I will re-read some of these books that I literally haven't touched in years.  I think it just makes me feel smart to have them around...
Here are the stacks before I eliminated some of the books.
We're going to eventually take this entire shelf out before Baby J arrives to make space for the cradle, so it's good to get rid of whatever we can before it goes into storage at my parents.

We also bought these drawers from Ikea a few weeks ago, and so far they are proving pretty useful. Right now, I'm only using one, but it's reassuring to have extra storage space on hand.
So that's what's been going on with life lately.  How was your weekend?  I hope you're enjoying the last few days of summer!


P*P*P said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Don't worry about everything fitting -- that's the last thing to worry about. I think what you're doing now to prepare is totally great...you're clearing out unnecessary items and making a plan. And let's be honest...baby doesn't need a lot of space. :)

Elle Sees said...

it sounds like it's coming together. space always seems to be an issue for new parents, but they always find a way to make it work, and you guys will!