Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  It was pretty warm in the DC area, so the husband and I made sure that we took two trips to the pool and enjoyed our fun in the sun.

As usual, I spent a decent amount of time thinking about Baby J and made a trip to Goodwill and also cleared out some more space in the closet. With the extra space, I decided to buy a few little baby hangers for her.  She won't have too much room to hang things, but her dresses are too cute just to have folded in the drawers.
This is also a little thing, but I made labels for her baskets and that has been super helpful in terms of organizing everything.  Initially I thought it was kind of overkill, but as she starts to accumulate more, I'm glad that there is some sort of structure in place.
Saturday night we were in the mood for something low-key, so we decided to watch Gone Girl.  Have you seen it or read the book?  It was definitely intriguing, and I can see why everyone has been talking about it. 
On Sunday we finally made it to church for the first time in awhile.  It was really nice, and I'm hoping we can be a little bit better about going, as it really is refreshing.  All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend!  How was yours?


Elle Sees said...

i love the little labels. it will help down the line when you're super exhausted and can't remember where things go! i've seen it happen! ;) i love the little dresses on the hangers. so precious.

P*P*P said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I know it's so fun to get the closet ready for baby...and those dresses you have for her are the sweetest.

I read the book Gone Girl and then LOVED the movie too....such a crazy, twisted concept.

MCW said...

I read Gone Girl and saw the movie. Liked them both a lot. I watched Gone Girl with RJ and when he realized what was going on his face was priceless.