Weekend Recap/The hunt for a glider!

This weekend was relaxing, but the husband and I still got a few things accomplished to prepare for Baby J.  Saturday morning I took care of some car repairs and while waiting, I wrote thank you notes to my co-workers from my work shower on Friday.  Then that afternoon we had our hospital tour.  In terms of labor and delivery, I'm trying not to have too many preconceptions going into the whole thing, but I am very thankful that the hospital is close by and the rooms seem comfortable and private.

Sunday morning we got together with friends for brunch, and it was really exciting to see them and their little girl.  My friend has only a week or so before her baby is born, so that definitely got us thinking about our own little baby's arrival, and we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out what type of glider/rocking chair to get.  To be honest, the husband and I were pretty overwhelmed going into this whole project.  I wanted something that would look nice and the husband was more focused on making sure that it would be comfortable (which I think we would both appreciate more at 2 am in the morning).  We also want to make sure we don't waste our money and get something that will actually last and comfort Baby J. 

Awhile ago, I saw this glider from West Elm and thought it would be a great fit. 
The husband was skeptical, since it doesn't recline but willing to let me try it out, so we stopped by the store to see if we could sit in it.  They ended up not having it on the floor, so we couldn't try it, but I appreciate the husband's patience.  I was disappointed, but there is no way I'm going to buy a chair without sitting in it first, so in some ways that made the decision easy.

Next, we went to Laz Boy, because growing up my parents used them and they always talk about what a lifesaver they were. They may not look the nicest, but there is no beating them for comfort. We sat in this one, and it was comfortable, but it seemed too deep which would make getting in and out with a baby difficult. I also had a hard time dealing with the price and the fact that I really am not crazy about how it looks.  The size also seemed huge!
Fortuitously, there was a Babies R Us right next door, so we walked over there to check out the selection.  We got a little distracted in the clothes section (they have such cute fall stuff out now!), but we finally made it to the gliders.
We resisted buying this little turkey outfit, but there is no scenario that Baby J won't be wearing this come Thanksgiving.
Out of the few that they had on display, we agreed that this one was the most comfortable, and with a 15% off promotion going on, the price was a lot less than Laz Boy or West Elm.
I still wanted to see more, so we checked out Buy Buy Baby's selection.  They had some good options, but the only one we really liked had an ordering time would take a lot longer (12 weeks!), so that didn't seem like a viable option. 

We decided to head home, and then I read reviews and called my mom to get her advice.  In the end, we decided to purchase the chair we liked from Babies R Us, even though it doesn't recline, because we both found it comfortable and like the way it looked.  The fact that it is very compact will be really useful in our apartment...especially considering the fact that we still don't know where we will put it.  I'm so relieved to have that finally picked out and purchased!
How was your weekend?  Does anyone else get stressed trying to pick out furniture?  Whenever the husband and I have to buy some, it is always seems like a huge ordeal.


P*P*P said...

Happy Monday! Sounds like a productive weekend for sure....chairs are so hard, aren't they? I like what you picked out though!! You were smart not to go with the one that was too deep....hoisting yourself out of a chair with a newborn would be NO fun at all. I bet you're excited to get this item checked off of your to-do list!

Melissa Blake said...

Ummm, can I just plop myself down in one of those? They look sooo comfy!

Elle Sees said...

it is hard since you will be spending so much time in it. i have tried both ways--recliner and glider that doesn't recline--and liked that latter better

The Frugal Blogger said...

Buying furniture is always my thing. I find it so thrilling that I get to welcome it as part of my home! Is that weird?! Anyway, I hope that looking for a glider isn't so stressful! Soon, you'll find the perfect one!