Five for Friday!

I had a big project for work that I got wrapped up on Thursday, and I'm so excited to have that behind me.  It did mean some longer hours than I would have liked at the beginning of the week though, and I'm pretty wiped out and thankful for the upcoming weekend.  Here are my five for Friday!
First, I decided that now would be a good time to order remaining items from the registry as well as finally getting my nursing supplies together.  While definitely not a necessity, I'm pretty excited about this little outfit.
Second, in honor of our fifth year wedding anniversary, I had ordered this magnet  for the husband.  It's just something little, but it makes me happy to see it on our fridge every morning.
Third, I know everyone else is super happy about football season, but I think I'm the target audience of this Domino article

Fourth, I have been reading baby books so slowly, but I did finish this one. I've concluded that natural childbirth isn't for me, but it was still interesting and I'm hoping that I can use some of the pain management ideas.
Finally, I haven't been cooking as much as I would like, but I tried making this 7-Can Soup Recipe, and it is super easy and great for fall.  It doesn't qualify as a health food, but it is filling!

I hope you have a great weekend! The husband will probably end up doing work for most of this weekend, but I'm hoping to clean the apartment as thoroughly as I can and get ready for my sister and parent's upcoming visit!


P!nky said...

What an adorable lil outfit and love your magnet.

Regine Karpel said...


Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

That magnet is adorable! :))

Annie said...

I want to try that soup too! Anything she makes is good.

Candace Shiflet said...

So glad you have the weekend to relax and that you are done with that project! That Halloween outfit is soooooo cute!!!!! She will look perfect in it :) And that soup. I need it in my belly haha
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Laura Darling said...

Such a cute little outfit! Glad the project is done and you can relax! :)

Abby Abby said...

I think it's funny how your husband models with the new baby stuff you get! Just like the other post. Anyway, I'm so excited for your photos when you start using your DSLR! It should be fun!