Packing the Hospital Bag!

I know for most this is a pretty boring/TMI post, but when I was trying to figure out what to pack, I found posts like these really helpful to reference.  When we went on our hospital tour a few weekends ago, one good suggestion that the the nurse had was to pack one bag that you would need during labor and delivery and then another bag for when you switch rooms.   I also am packing a separate smaller bag for the husband that includes snacks and such for him, because let's face it, the labor process is not going to be brief.
 Here's my list, in case anyone is interested:

For the car:
Plastic bag (in case I get sick; lovely I know)

During labor:
Wallet with insurance information
Pediatrician information
Iphone and charger

After delivery bag:
Toiletries and makeup
Change of clothes
Nursing bra and pillow
Toilet paper

For Baby J:
Going home outfit (sleeper with legs and feet)
Car seat
Monogrammed outfit
Baby blanket

For the husband:
Change of clothes
Phone and charger

Any other suggestions?  I'd love to hear them!


Annie said...

Bring your own pillow. I even brought one for Kevin but I ended up using both. I was SO glad to have them.

Annie said...

Never mind I see you have it on your list. Add one for hubby and maybe take the blanket off? Our hospital gave him a blanket to use.

Elle Sees said...

this list will be really helpful! i hope you do an additional post (if needed) of what you wish you'd brought or didn't use.

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Two things I'll mention. Take more than one outfit for baby. You just never know. I'm pretty sure we went through at least two, maybe three after L was born before we even left. Two, speaking of tmi... Take some girl stuff. The hospital's is not very comfortable.

Megan said...

This isn't really something for your bag just something I wish I had know- But nordstroms will convert any bra into a nursing bra for you for about $16. Sooo worth the money to buy a good bra and have it converted. I bought 2 of the natori bras on sale and had the both converted and it was life changing for my second child!! Good luck mama!