Pregnancy Update: Week 32-34!

Well, I haven't done a pregnancy update in a few weeks, but the baby has definitely been growing!   It is crazy to think that she will be here in a little more than over a month.
Size of Baby: 4.75 pounds.  I went to the doctor today and they said that she is measuring normally, so I think that the estimate is about right. Good wonder my stomach feels/is so large!
Nursery: It still pretty much looks like our apartment, minus the section we created for her in the closet.  The good news is we've at least purchased almost everything we need, even if we haven't gotten it assembled. I am also really excited because our blackout curtains arrived yesterday, and I think they will work well.

Symptoms: I know it's going to get more uncomfortable as the days go by, so I really can't complain.

Cravings: I have had a hard time wanting to eat my protein, and I just want fruit. 

Best Moment: So many good things have happened in regards to getting ready for the baby in these past few weeks! The husband and I took our class on how to to care for our newborn.  I think it was a teeny bit overwhelming, but mostly I just feel so excited.  I also took my breastfeeding class, which I think will be useful. Also, as I posted about, my work hosted a shower for me which was really sweet!

Looking Forward To: Setting up her little nursery corner! My brother is coming up on September 19th to help us move things out of the apartment, and I think when that happens we will finally be able to set up the crib and be a lot more ready for her. I really can't wait!


saw said...

You're such a cute little pregnant lady! Only a couple more weeks to go!

The Frugal Blogger said...

You are so lovely! I hope that everything is going well for you, and that baby bean isn't giving you that much of a hard time!

Have a lovely weekend!