Weekend Recap: Strollers, Baby Clothes and a Death Cab for Cutie Concert

On Friday, I started to realize just how close Baby J's arrival is,so I spent a lot of the weekend trying to get a few things done to prepare for her arrival.

On Saturday I drove about an hour or so to visit a friend and see her one year old.  It was great to catch up and get some advice.  She also sent me home with some baby equipment for us to borrow, so I think we pretty much have everything that we need now!  On Saturday night I tackled the multiple loads of baby laundry.  Somehow I had five loads of baby laundry.  How she has that many clothes, blankets and bibs already is just beyond me.  While I was working on that, the husband put together the stroller.  The instructions looked like Greek to me, so I'm very excited that this is done. Yes, it was a hot Saturday night!
On Sunday I ran some errands and at Target I purchased a few things for the hospital bag.  I wanted a pair of pajamas to have afterwards, and I'm excited to have found these.  I think they will be modest, but also still useful for nursing. They are also extremely soft.  (I realize post-delivery things will be messy, but having my own clothes is really comforting to me.) I'm hoping to get my hospital bag all ready to go this week.
Even after all that baby laundry, I still picked up this hat for her on Sunday afternoon when I stopped by the mall to do some returns. 
I resisted the matching jacket, but isn't it just so cute? She technically doesn't have a jacket, so I'm still thinking about this.
Sunday evening we headed to a concert and saw Death Cab for Cutie.  I used to really like them in undergrad, and they put on a great show.  It was a beautiful night, and it was fun to have the time with the husband.
How was your weekend?  Sunday was so gorgeous and definitely has me excited for fall!


Tess said...

I have those PJs and they're really, really comfy! I'm going to make a target trip to find a few cozy things to bring with too. It's surreal, isn't it?

MCW said...

I have those PJs and they are so comfy. Jacket is adorable, although I have heard from friends they never put jackets on newborn babies, more useful to have one sack type of snowsuit and then blankets.

Annie said...

Exciting that your stroller is ready to go!! Pack your bags and then make another list of last minute stuff to add that you use day to day. That helped me feel more sane!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I will admit... Baby clothes are so stinkin' adorable but they are definitely not my favorite when it comes to washing and folding. Glad you're getting all ready for baby's big debut! As for the hospital bag, make sure chapstick is on the list! Strange but so useful. :)

Elle Sees said...

glad to hear death cab was good. oh yes to the baby laundry-howcan tiny people have so many clothes causing so much laundry? but they do!

P*P*P said...

Looks like you're getting everything ready! I still need to do baby laundry for sure! Love that little hat and jacket, and so funny...I just purchased a VERY similar pair of PJ's! Might have to pick up the Target version too.

Abby Abby said...

Someday I want a friend that will lend me some baby equipment so I could save some more money! That is so nice of your friend to do!