A Quick Trip to the Washington Monuments!

On Wednesday it was one of those rare days in November where it is warm in the afternoon, but the fall foliage was still on full display. The husband and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take Sarah Catherine into the city to see the monuments.  I am not very sure if she was impressed, but we enjoyed getting out and about!

The leaves were in full splendor.
We stopped by the World War II memorial.
We also walked by the pond and saw the ducks and the Washington Monument.
Towards the end she started to get hungry so we stopped to feed her and enjoyed the view.
Even though it was a simple little outing, we felt incredibly fortunate to have this time to enjoy this beautiful weather together.


P!nky said...

I love that part of the mall, glad you were able to enjoy it with sweet lil one.

MCW said...

I am sure Sarah Catherine was very impressed :) Glad you are out and about!

P*P*P said...

That's a fun afternoon! SC's first trip to the monuments. Glad you got pics...someday I bet she'll love looking back at these photos! :) You're looking great by the way.

Candace Shiflet said...

That is so cool!! And you are making such fun memories as a little family :) She will totally appreciate that she went when she's older haha
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants