Five for Friday: Preparations for Christmas!

Well, just one more week before Christmas!  I'm really enjoying the holiday season with Sarah Catherine and am so happy to celebrate the holidays with our little family of three for the first time.  Here are my five for Friday as we enjoy the holiday season!

First, my Shutterfly albums that we are giving for Christmas presents arrived, and I am so pleased with the quality of the photos. They really do capture some beautiful first moments and make me so thankful that we bought a camera before her arrival.  I know that the grandparents are going to be particularly excited about them, although Sarah Catherine has such a doting uncle and aunts that I think they are going to really like them too.
Second, the husband picked up this little onesie for SC last Sunday when he was grocery shopping. He never buys clothes, so I thought it was pretty funny and sweet.
Third, I've been buying a few sweaters for myself lately and got some nice ones at the Loft.  I am going to hold off on buying anything more for a little while, but isn't this bow sweater cute from Ann Taylor?
Fourth, early morning and late night pumping and feeding sessions feel so much more festive in front of the Christmas tree. On another note, I recently discovered the app Waterlogue which makes your photos into watercolors.  I realize this app has been around for years, but I'm not exactly on the cutting edge.  I had a field day last night converting pictures into watercolors. 
Finally, my parents are coming up to visit and take care of SC tonight so the husband and I can go to his holiday party.  I'm looking forward to my first night out since SC was born and plan on wearing this dress.
 How are your Christmas celebrations coming along?  It's such a busy time of year, but definitely festive!


Elle Sees said...

the cards turned out SO cute. i love how happy she is in her cute lil outfit.

Annie said...

Pretty dress! Have fun tonight!!!