Our Second Month with Sarah Catherine!

I feel like so much has happened in this last month with Sarah Catherine, and we are really growing a lot as parents.  Sarah Catherine and I have gone on a few little road trips together with just the two of us and also with the husband, which was fun. We are also getting comfortable just having a routine at home.
Sleep:  The second month was really good for sleep.  For the most part, SC sleeps for one long stretch at night.  While she did get off schedule one night when her grandparents came to town and held her all day long, as long as we don't let her sleep for long stretches during the day, it's not an issue.  We will see what the third month brings though!
Feedings:  I'm happy that the pumping is going a lot better.  While I  have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump and occasionally have an issue, things have exponentially improved. My other pump broke at the end of the first month, and the new replacement pump has made a world of difference.  The rewarding thing is that for the past few weeks we haven't had to supplement with formula and I was even able to freeze a little.  I know this will always be a challenge, but I'm excited to have accomplished two months!
Likes: She loves being held, napping in our laps and her pacifier.  She's also getting more alert and really enjoys her mobile.
Dislikes: She's gotten better about bath time and diaper changes, but she doesn't enjoy either of these activities.  She does well in the car, but hates when we are stopped, so getting stuck in traffic is fun.
Clothes:  She officially fits in the 0-3 month clothes now and we are also putting her in 3 month clothes.  All of the newborn clothes have been packed away and are in storage now.  I can't believe how quickly time goes!


saw said...

Such cute pictures! I really can't believe it's only been two months!

Annie said...

She is ADORABLE! I love her monogrammed gown. Bath time will get better!

I recommend this tub and insert - they made MA love the bath. She will only need the sponge until about 12-15 weeks when she is big enough to lay by herself in the tub. We had another tub that MA hated so we scrapped it and got this. Best decision because this child is OBSESSED. :)



Elle Sees said...

love the update and cannot believe she's 2 months already!!! sounds like everyone is started to get adjusted nicely.