Weekend Recap: It's beginning to look like Christmas!

While this weekend was low-key, we got a few things done that I had been hoping to accomplish for some time.  The husband's dad came to visit Sarah Catherine for the first time, and it was great to see the two of them together. Also, having an extra pair of hands is always appreciated.

One thing that I had pretty much given up on was getting a holiday card together.  However, the husband's dad is good at taking photos, so with one squirmy and fussy subject and a patient husband, we took our first family Christmas photo.

I was pretty overwhelmed picking out a design, but this is the card that we ended up going with. Finding a card that works with the pictures we took, and that the husband and I both like is always a challenge, so we ended up with a pretty simple one.  I like the polka dots though, and I am so excited that we are actually going to have a Christmas card this year!
The husband's dad also got a few other photos of us, and I like this one with the Santa hats, although it's not a great one of SC.
Of course afterwards, I had to get a few photos of just SC.
We also got our Christmas tree put up, and I even got a few presents wrapped.  There is still a bit to do, but it's definitely starting to feel like Christmas around here! 


saw said...

Very nice photo! I love the card design :) Looks very festive! :)

Annie said...

Love the card!!! She's precious in her santa outfit!

Elle Sees said...

omg such cutie!! the pics turned out so well!