A Day in the Life

Have you ever wondered what one does all day with a baby?  They sleep all day, so it's pretty easy, right?  Truthfully, SC is a good baby, but I still end the day wondering where all my time went.  While this may be my most boring post ever, I thought I would go ahead and dissect exactly what goes down.  So without further ado, here is a play by play in all of it's drawn out glory.

2:30 am- I stumble out of bed to go pump as quietly as I can. I use this time to read blogs, upload pictures to the computer, etc.  Sometimes pumping takes longer than I would like, but I'm back in bed by 3:15 am.

6:00am- Time to pump again, so I head out to the living room and play on the computer reading blogs, etc.

6:30am- I slip back into the bedroom and rest a bit, but I hear SC is stirring, so I know it won't be long.

7:00am- She's up!  Time for a diaper change and her morning bottle. We practice vowel sounds and making funny faces. After awhile, she seems content and awake, so I decide to go ahead and eat some breakfast.
9:00am- She's still happy, so we continue to hang out and I read her a story.  It's also time to pump again, so I do that on the floor next to her.

10:00am- It's time for another feeding, so I give her a bottle.  She drifts off for her morning nap, but she wakes up as soon as I set her in the crib.  I turn on her mobile to amuse her, while I dress and tidy up the apartment just a little.  And by tidy up the apartment, I mean make up the bed and throw dirty laundry in the hamper.

11:00am-  We hang out on the blanket and she seems amused by my animal sounds.  It's time to pump again. I'm starting to get hungry and wonder if it is too early for lunch.

12:15 pm- I fix myself some lunch and feed SC.  She catnaps in my arms, and I read blogs on my phone.

1:00 pm- Time to pump, so I hang out with SC on a blanket and attempt to entertain her.  I decide she is looking pretty cute, so take some photos of her and text them to adoring grandparents.
3:00 pm- I debate what to do with the rest of the afternoon.  SC seems up for something, so we head on down to the lobby to check the mail and packages.  It's time to pump and cold outside, so maybe we will just skip an errand today. I also feed SC again.

4:15 pm - The husband calls and says he will probably be home for dinner.  I decide to go ahead and risk taking a trip to Trader Joe's for salmon in an attempt to have something to show for the day.

4:30 pm- The traffic in the parking garage at Trader Joe's is awful.  There are cars backed up with no open spots in sight.  I've made a horrible mistake.

5:00pm- They don't have salmon, so I pick up chicken and peanut butter cups.  The dinner of champions.

5:45 pm- Back from TJ's.  Despite the fact that it is less than a mile from my house, it took way too long due my poor timing.  I attempt to get the chicken in the oven, but SC has run out of patience.  I need to pump anyways, so I shove the chicken in the fridge until I can prep it.

6:45 pm- Finally get the chicken into the oven.  I feel like a real winner for accomplishing that, but the kitchen is now a wreck.

7:30 pm - The husband's home early!  We eat dinner and hang out with SC.

7:45 pm - Time to pump again, but this time the husband is holding SC and feeding her, so I can relax.

8:15 pm- The husband takes a quick nap and SC and I play in the living room.

9:00 pm- I'm getting tired, so I go ahead and pump, and the husband encourages me to go to sleep afterwards.  I finish pumping and wash up all the bottles so I won't have to do that in the middle of the night.  I also "clean" the kitchen by cramming as much stuff as possible into our dishwasher.

9:30 pm- I decide to shower and pump one last time for a few minutes so I can sleep until 2:30am.  I fall asleep around 10:30/11:00pm.

Exciting life, isn't it?  I'm sure we all could have done without this post, but now we all know where the time goes during the day!


Amy DeVito said...

I always love these kind of posts so thanks for sharing! :)

SC is so adorable and beautiful. <3

Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

ms. mindless said...

Are you exclusively pumping too? I am and it is tough tough tough! I'm hanging in there but my goodness is isn't easy.