A Quiet Weekend at Home

As I mentioned, this weekend was a quiet one at home, which I think is exactly what we needed after all of the holiday festivities.

The highlights of the weekend  included naps, finally jogging on the treadmill, and experimenting with making cookies for SC's baptism next weekend.
I also made an epic trip to Target, but mostly I enjoyed just spending time with these two.
How was your weekend?


Annie said...

Let me get this straight - you have an infant and YOU MADE those cookies?!!! Wow, you go girl!

Elle Sees said...

those cookies look professional!! great job!! and a target run is always the best.

Amy DeVito said...

Those cookies look amazing!!

And yay for nice, relaxing weekends! :)

Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

MCW said...

Those cookies look professional!!!

P*P*P said...

Your cookies look great! They'll be perfect for SC's baptism!