Five for Friday: Preparing for the Blizzard!

Happy Friday! They are calling for lots of snow in the DC area which honestly has me a bit worried.  Mostly, I am just terrified of losing power for a long period of time, but I took a trip to Target and at least we have a lot of La Croix and milk.  The husband also took a trip to Target in search of a sled, and I'm sad to report that he came home empty-handed. Perhaps he will be sledding on a cookie sheet, then? While we wait out the blizzard, here are a few snippets from the week!
First, this headline from The Onion made me laugh. 

Second, I saw this old "interview" and I thought it was funny.  When my sister and I would watch Sex and the City we would always make fun of the questions.

Third, I am kind of obsessed with SC's Valentine's Day attire.  I know it's a waste of money, but I love seeing her all dressed up.  I can't wait to send out Valentine's Day cards!
Fourth, I think this shirt from the Loft is pretty and would be nice for spring.
Fifth, I ordered my MIL's birthday gifts yesterday just in time for them to arrive.  Did you know Shutterfly makes jewelry? We ordered a charm necklace and a travel mug, and I'm excited to see how they turn out.
Image via Shutterfly
 I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm.  This winter weather is no joke!


MCW said...

A girl i go to the gym with was in NH this week. She bought a ton of sleds, and snow boots for friends! It was so funny to see people requesting "One long sled, size 11 girls snow boots, boys snow pants size 5" etc. Sold out of everything here!

Tess said...

That valentines outfit!!!! Too much!!! Stay safe and warm this weekend!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

That Valentine's Day outfit is so cute!

Just Jess said...

That outfit is adorable! I hope that you are staying warm with this storm! Jess at Just Jess

Elle Sees said...

glad y'all made it through unscathed. i LOVE her valentine's day outfit. adorable!!!!