Our First Christmas with Sarah Catherine!

Even though Sarah Catherine wasn't aware of what was going on, we certainly had a nice Christmas with her.  The holiday celebrations started on the 23rd with my MIL coming up to visit.  SC had her two month shots earlier that day, so I was worried about how she would be, but she was fine (just a little sleepier than normal).  On Christmas Eve, the husband went into the office, and SC and I hung out at the apartment and got some last minute things done for Christmas.  The husband was unexpectedly able to leave early, so we all had a little extra time to visit with his mom. 
We decided to skip the Christmas Eve church service to avoid exposing SC to any germs/we weren't sure how she would handle it.   Since we were just hanging out that evening, the husband suggest that we head down to my parents house earlier than planned to start celebrating Christmas.  My MIL was also coming with us, and I was completely on board, so we packed everything up and headed down to my parents, who were so happy to see us a day earlier than planned.
On Christmas Day, we went over to my brother and SIL's for brunch and then my mom made Christmas dinner.  This year especially, it meant so much to be with my family.
My sister arrived on the 26th, and then it really felt like Christmas. Of course, we had to dress SC up to the Hokie game.
The rest of the week was just lots of visiting and enjoying time with each other.  One notable event is that my mom gave SC a bath, and she didn't cry at all and actually seemed to enjoy it. (This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but I'm thrilled that bath time is no longer so traumatic.)
 So that was SC's first Christmas! How was your holiday?


saw said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday as well! SC looks so cute and content in her towel after bath time!

Laura Darling said...

She is a doll! So glad you had a fun first Christmas with her! And what a great surprise to go to your parents' early!

Tess said...

She's getting so big!!! What a cutie. I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas with family - I'm sad the holidays are over but it feels good to be back on a bit of a routine

P*P*P said...

Love this! I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas. We opted out of Christmas Eve church this year too...and I have to say, it was so nice to just relax! Love all of the cute outfits you have SC in...she's adorable and growing so much!!