Pineapples: The Fruit of the Year

It seems like pineapples are having their moment in the sun right now!  I know they are nothing new (hello, Colonial Williamsburg), but it seems they are particularly hot right now.  One of my good friends really likes them, so when putting together her birthday gift, I made sure to include them as part of her present. I bought her a wine cork from Williams Sonoma and a little pineapple tray  from Anthropologie. To round out the gift, I also picked up a pair of earrings and some pretty Rifle notecards.
To drive the pineapple theme home, I ordered this monogrammed bracelet, but it hasn't arrived yet.  I'm hoping that it turns out well.

While SC was napping, I went ahead and wrapped everything else up, and now I am looking forward to celebrating her birthday! What are your go-to gifts for friends?  This year it has been particularly tough for me to come up with ideas, so I'd love to hear!


Elle Sees said...

i love pineapples in design, to eat, so these ideas were a win for me!

saw said...

Such a thoughtful and cute gift!

Annie said...

Love the thought you put into her gift!

Some ideas -
A nice candle - voluspa or the blue volcano one from anthropologie. I also think fun cocktail napkins go with a cute pair of earrings. Oh I love to give scarves. Special wine glasses could be fun too. I like to get friends things that I wouldn't normally buy myself but still like. I feel like my friends aren't buying it for themselves either so it works!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I loved doing a themed gift like this!