Ringing in 2016!

Our New Year's Eve was low-key, which was perfect to me.  The husband and I have always been homebodies, but now we have an excuse!

The husband and I made it to midnight, but SC did not. She did wake shortly after this photo and spent a few more hours awake, lest anyone think she wasn't ringing in 2016 to the fullest extent possible. 
On New Year's Day, SC started to practice her rolling. She isn't quite there yet, but she is getting close. I love this little zebra on her bottom.
The husband made collard greens, and I made some black eyed peas for dinner that night, so hopefully 2016 will be lucky for us. 
Over the weekend, I took our tree down and the husband brought home these flowers.  Something about the white makes the space seem brighter, and I'm hoping to do a little more in the next week or two to make the apartment feel refreshed. It's funny how the little things can make you feel like you have a new start.
How was you New Year's?


Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful flowers

Laura Darling said...

Happy New Year! My husband and I don't have a baby yet but we still stayed in on NYE! We are homebodies too! :) Pretty flowers!

Amy DeVito said...

Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 is amazing for you & your family!

Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/