Sarah Catherine's Baptism!

Last Sunday, Sarah Catherine was baptized!  It was such a special day to us and one we will remind and celebrate with her as she gets older.

When we woke up on Sunday morning we were greeted by snow, which made the church look particularly beautiful.
Everything seemed so pure.
I love Sarah Catherine's dress with all the little pearls and ribbon.
The husband and my mom helped me dress her, and all the finery made me think about a wedding day. For some reason, this picture of my mom tying her bow makes me a little teary.
The service was really nice, and I was happy that we were able to have it done by the same pastor who married us five years ago.
 After the service, we took a few more photos.  Sarah Catherine fell asleep for them.  It's very tiring to get baptized!

Brunch was at the same location where we had our wedding reception, and it was neat to go back.  The food was delicious (and the company even better)! I am very thankful that both sides of our immediate families could celebrate the day with us.
We then headed home, but I will always be so thankful for this past Sunday!


Elle Sees said...

aw what a doll! and what a sweet memory for you.

Annie said...

Perfection! So glad yall got to have such a special day together!