Surviving Blizzard Jonas!

I hope everyone had a warm and cozy weekend!  I know that there are still some people that have to go out and work in this inclement weather (my brother included), and I really admire and appreciate the work that they do to keep everyone else safe.

This weekend we did not venture out, but enjoyed lots of time together.  Since we didn't lose power, I felt like the weekend was pretty perfect.
 On Sunday afternoon, we stepped outside for approximately five minutes so Sarah Catherine could see the snow and she patiently let us take a few photos before we scurried back inside. 

How was your weekend?  Any snow adventures?


MCW said...

We lost power for a few hours on Sunday night, other then that no issues. Not sure when I will actually be able to park my car on my street again. It's a mess! We watched movies, relaxed, cooked and head to a couple of bars. A perfect weekend.

Annie said...

Baby's first snow!!!! Love it!!

Elle Sees said...

hehe cutie! glad she got to see her first snow!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

What a cute little snow bunny!