Three Months with Sarah Catherine!

This third month has been such a sweet one!  In addition to celebrating Christmas for the first time as a family of three, Sarah Catherine was also baptized this month.  Here are a few highlights to remember! 
Sleep: You have transitioned to sleeping in your crib, although we didn't want you to be too far away from us yet, so we moved your crib into our bedroom. You are sleeping well, and I love hearing all of your different baby sounds. You are such a happy baby in the morning!
Feedings: My milk supply has stabilized, but you are gaining weight a little slower than we would like.  This month we met with your pediatrician and another specialist to discuss your feedings. You had gained a pound since your second month check up, but we are supplementing with a little formula in hopes that a few more calories might make a difference. The doctors don't seem too worried because this is a typical issue for babies with a cleft palate, but your dad and I are always concerned.

Likes: You love your bottle, your mobile and activity gym.  You always like being held and you love sleeping on your Uncle Will's chest. You also love it when your daddy comes home.  You immediately start to smile at him and think that he is the most interesting person in the world.
Dislikes: You still aren't a fan of being stuck in traffic (not that we can blame you there), but you've gotten much better about bath time. This month you've gotten less fussy in general and we haven't used your pacifier as much.
Clothes: You can still fit the 0-3 month and 3 month clothes, and  the 3-6 month clothes are only just a little bit too big for you.  I think you will be officially in just the 3-6 month clothes in only a week or two!

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Annie said...

Love her little grin in that last pic!