Baby Toys: The First Four Months

My sister's future SIL is having a baby, so my sister asked for advice on what to get regarding baby toys.  To be honest, when it came to toys, I knew we were limited on space, so I tried to keep toys to a bare minimum.  I did know that I wanted the ubiquitous Sophie the Giraffe teether and an activity play gym, but that was it.  In the end, one of my friends ended up lending us her activity play gym (which has worked really well for us), and SC is just getting interested in Sophie, so I'm definitely not an expert, but here is my advice!

ONE: Activity play gym
I think that these are a must.  Even if you have very little space, a baby does need an engaging place to do tummy time and to interact with things overhead.  While we just used a blanket at the beginning, eventually they need something  for them to grab to help develop their body for crawling. Of course, you could make your own, or simply hold objects/your hand above the baby, but if you can afford it, a play gym seems really useful. SC seems to like the one we are borrowing, but this one from PBK is the chicest one I've seen.  I am also sentimental, and I think this play gym based off "Guess How Much I Love You" is adorable. While Land of Nod also has some cute activity bars, they are super pricey, and I think Ikea offers two reasonably priced options at a nicer price point.
TWO:Sophie the Giraffe/Squeak toy
While SC hasn't done much with this in the way of teething with it yet (despite the fact that she is at a stage where she wants to put everything in her mouth), this toy is great because it also squeaks.  About a month ago, SC thought that was the greatest thing ever, so I highly recommend at least some type of squeak toy.

THREE: Manhattan Toy Winkel
I read about this toy on Classic Annie, and decided to buy one for SC a few weeks ago. While I think she is still growing into this toy, she enjoys grabbing and holding it. You can also rattle it, so the toy serves double-duty there. Not to mention that it has provided the husband endless entertainment as he likes to throw it in the air and put a spin on it.
FOUR: Cloth Books
We own only one of these, but SC loves the one we have.  We had bought this one on a whim last summer at Ikea, and I'm so glad we did.  It has different animals showcased on each of the pages in various textures, and we go through the pages and I make different sounds.  SC loves it and this was the first toy she was really interested in.  It is not fancy, but promotes our little conversations and stories!

So those are the four toys (besides her mobile) that we have used.  While we have other toys, those are really the only ones she seems to care about at the moment...besides the other non-toys we have. SC is probably most attached to the various burp cloths that we have and loves grabbing onto those throughout the day. And you can't forget the endless entertainment that she gets from my singing with her in the mirror. Does anyone else have any recommendations?  I've also read great things about the Whoozit, but we haven't tried that. I am thankful that her toy collection is minimal now, but I know as she gets older it will grow exponentially.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to the all the really loud toys that I know are in our future, but I am thankful that we have these to facilitate interaction and her development!


Elle Sees said...

those are great choices, approved by this nanny! ;)

Annie said...

I think you'll find in the next couple of months that she really starts loving Sophie and the winkel. Molly Anne chews on both of these a TON now and they go everywhere with her! We have two Sophie's for my diaper bag/school and one for at home..she's that obsessed. Also, my friend April told me to get a few of those toys like the Whoozit to clip onto her carseat to stimulate her there and she's loved them. Here are a few we got that MA loves -
1. This is her fav -



Ohhhh and I'm getting a little long winded here but this kick and play piano is awesome and they love kicking and playing in it! It's also a place I can put her for a few minutes and I know she's safe.

Tess said...

That playmat you found is SO chic! Wow! Leo loves that neutron rattle and it's great for two handed play! I love the soft books too....the jellycst ones are really cute but super pricey.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

That play mat is so chic! I love everything in that new PBK line and might even order some things for myself! Loving the new blog look!!

Evelina said...

That PBK play mat is gorgeous. Why can't they all look like that!!