Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  This weekend my FIL is coming up to celebrate his birthday, and I may be seeing another friend too, to do a belated birthday celebration for her.  So there will be lots of jubilation all around! Here are my five for Friday!
I took a little time to rearrange underneath our coffee table earlier in the week, and even though it isn't styled, it makes me feel so much calmer to see these organized stacks.  Before I had been displaying every knick knack and book I possibly could, and it was getting out of control.Yay for also making a trip to the Goodwill and getting rid of a bit of clutter!

I definitely don't wear anything fancy around the house and out and about, but I'm loving these shirts from Old Navy.  Tea Time with Tess also recommended them awhile ago, and they are great for new moms! They have a loose fit, so I can get away with stripes, and I love this necklace from a friend that is teething friendly.  The whole ensemble puts a bit of pep in my step (which is always good to have when running errands and struggling with the car seat/stroller ensemble).

While at Trader Joe's on Thursday, I was dragging a bit. I decided that some flowers might brighten things up and picked up two bunches of tulips and an orchid.  I know flowers are not essential, but they really perked up the apartment! I also love this vase, because you don't have to worry about arranging them; they somehow look fine when you just plop them in.
Last weekend I was able to stop by Home Goods for the first time in months, and I picked up this wrapping paper.  I've proceeded to line basically every cabinet and drawer that I can with this cheerful pattern.
And in honor of the birthday celebrations, I'm hoping we keep this little quote in mind! I guess that means I should be doing some baking!

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What are your weekend plans? I hope you have a lovely one!


Annie said...

Oh good idea to line drawers with that!!

Laura Darling said...

Trader Joe's flowers are the best! I think they look great in that vase! So cheerful! Cute Old Navy shirt too, I have one right down the street from me and I need to go there more often. Hope you're having a good weekend!