Thinking about Easter!

Is anybody else thinking about Easter? It is one of my favorite holidays, because it means that spring is almost here in addition to the religious significance.  Last year we made our pregnancy announcement at Easter, and it is exciting to think that our little chick is actually going to be here this year to celebrate!

Because we are relatively limited with space, I try to keep the seasonal decor to a minimum, but over the years I've collected a few things.  I'm thinking that I'm going to hold off on creating an Easter basket for SC this year, since I have no idea where I would store it afterwards, but I must say that on my last trip to Target I was extremely tempted by all of their Easter items. Luckily for the husband I resisted this bowl and this one, but I had to really think hard about it.  If we were hosting an Easter gathering this year, I would have bought it in a minute, despite the fact that our kitchen is pretty much bursting at the seams and the last thing I need to be doing is collecting another serving dish.

Despite my slight show of self-restraint, I ended up picking up this little outfit and mini-basket for SC. And then I proceeded to snap a few photos of her on my phone. I think I get way to much enjoyment out of taking pictures of her, but at least I keep the grandparents happy!
I feel like she looks so big in these next photos! The caption for these pictures I like to think of as her thinking "I fell asleep at Target for just a few minutes and now what has happened?  What in the world did my mommy find in the dollar spot?!"
Anybody else getting excited about Easter?  Or have a problem collecting Easter decor?


Elle Sees said...

omg i can't take the cuteness!!! so dang cute. i love it!!

Annie said...

Omg how could you not take 1.000 pics of her a day?!!

P*P*P said...

So cute!! Love her little outfit and easter "bucket"! Isn't it so hard to resist the shiny new holiday stuff at Target?! I think this year we're going to do a few little Easter gifts, but probably not a full blown basket of goodies...we'll save that for next year...I will however be taking a million photos on Easter day (we're having Trey's baptism that day!) and I cannot wait!