Valentine's Day Care Packages!

I can't believe it is already February, and with this month comes Valentine's Day! As I've blogged about in the past, I love to give little treats for the holiday.  It's never anything super expensive or fancy, but I think it's a nice gesture to send to friends and family who live far away.  As always, Target's dollar spot came in handy, as well as Trader Joe's.   Even though the shipping costs about as much as the gift, who can complain about getting a little chocolate in the mail?
To round everything out, I also added some little jewelry. For one friend I am sending earrings from the J.Crew factory store that I blogged about on Friday and for my sister-in-law, a monogrammed necklace.  I love how tiny the heart earrings are, and I think they are pretty perfect for Valentine's Day.
I packaged everything up with little bags and some ribbon I had on hand, and I think it came together pretty well!
Now I just need to get these off to the post office! Do you do little gifts for Valentine's Day?  I'm hoping to make some heart sugar cookies, but we will have to see how everything goes!


Just Jess said...

What such sweet gifts! My bible study typically does a galentine's day exchange. It's similar to secret santa but it's so much fun to find little things for each other. Jess at Just Jess

Annie said...

You are so thoughtful! Molly Anne made little valentines and I mailed them yesterday to the grandparents!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

This is the cutest and so sweet! Such a fun gesture that I'm sure your friends really appreciate!