Easy Baby Shower Games at Target!

I am always on the lookout for easy baby shower games because that is the season it seems like so many of my family and friends are in. While at Target on Tuesday night picking up "essentials", I found these in the dollar spot. Even though they were three dollars each, I still think they are a great deal and I know they will be useful for the next shower I help host this summer!
I just wanted to share, in case anyone else is on the lookout too!  I think shower games can be fun, but the last time I helped with games, it was quite an involved project. I picked up baby bingo, the clothes pin game where you can't say baby, a calendar to guess the birth date and these fun little scratchers. Now, I will only have to worry about prizes!

Our First Easter with SC!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!  My MIL came to visit, so she was able to share this first Easter weekend with us, which was special. 

We attempted to take a few pictures to remember the holiday, but SC wasn't terribly interested.
 The husband read SC the Easter story with similarly mixed results.
I made a really simple Easter lunch of deviled eggs, ham delights (recipe idea from A. Liz Adventures), roasted asparagus and mini carrot cake cupcakes (picked up from Whole Foods).  I didn't want to go overboard because it was just the three of us (and let's be honest, I am not exactly an amazing cook). I loved how easy it was to pull everything together and the fact that it wasn't stressful. 
  All in all, it was a wonderful first Easter!

Five for Friday: Easter and other thoughts!

I hope everyone had a nice week!  Around here the spring weather has made a debut, and that has definitely lifted my spirits.  SC and I have tried to get in some walks and the husband has also made it home at a decent hour most nights, which has been a real treat.  Our weekend plans are still up in the air, but I may be able to see one of my friends on Saturday and my MIL might also be coming up to visit.  We will see what actually happens, but no matter what, I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday!

I've been enjoying the birthday flowers that my sister bought me and vase from my parents.  I think a "refill" is in order as spring flowers come out!


I had a friend over for lunch on Thursday and ended up making Thai Curry Chicken Rice Bowl again.  I think it is so delicious and it seriously couldn't be any easier. I am so glad that I found this recipe!


This exhibit won't be up until August, but I am pretty excited about it.

I saw this print last week, and the verse really spoke to me. 

You may have already seen this, but  I loved this series, "If Toddlers Had Facebook."  I definitely felt like I was the target audience on that one.

Have a lovely weekend and a happy Easter for those who celebrate the holiday!

SC's Easter Basket

After my grand proclamation that I wouldn't be making SC an Easter basket, when the husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for one on her behalf.  I found this little Easter bin and I think it will work well for many Easters but also year-round as a toy bin either by her crib or in her "reading nook."  It arrived yesterday, and I'm so excited that I went ahead and took the plunge.  Inadvertently, it matches her Easter dress that my mom had bought her, which is a happy coincidence. 
Of course, I promptly took a trip to Target to fill it.  Despite my zeal, I'm afraid it may be the most boring Easter basket ever! I put in some rice cereal, baby spoons, a swim diaper and a little bunny lovey (we actually already had this, so I just stuck it in). 

So that is SC's first Easter basket in all of its glory!  Anyone else working on some for their little ones?

Five Months with Sarah Catherine!

I know that these monthly updates don't exactly make for the most interesting blog posts, but thank you all for indulging me.  I really love having these to look back on because SC is growing so quickly...and we all know that my mind isn't exactly a steel trap! These past two months I've been nostalgic for the newborn days (oh, how easy it is to forget the sleep deprivation), and I know in just a few more months I will probably feel the same way about this time.
So, here are some  highlights from this month:
WEIGHT: 14.9 pounds!  I am so thankful for her weight gain, especially as we will be gearing up for her surgery this summer.
LIKES:  SC loves her dad so much that it  is almost a bit ridiculous.  As soon as he walks into the room, she only has eyes for him and she is all smiles and coos.  It really does seem like they've had a special bond ever since she was born, and I am very thankful for that.
While SC does give her dad more than his fair share of smiles, she has started to giggle with me! She is also the only person on this earth who continues to think that my songs are worthy of a Grammy and she loves it when we sing and talk in the mirror together.
She continues to put everything that she can reach into her mouth, which is apparently normal, but a little terrifying for me.

We just started putting her in the bumbo seat and bouncer (for just a few minutes at a time), and she is a fan of both of them.  And one of her newest tricks is she loves to reach her toes...also a pretty average baby activity!
She's definitely getting more interested in solids, and so we are going to be starting them this month.  Admittedly, I've been dragging my feet on this project, but I can't delay  any longer!
DISLIKES: I feel she's been a pretty happy baby this month.  She does get a little over-stimulated when there are lots of people around, but for the most part, she just seems to go with the flow.  Just like the last few months, she still doesn't enjoy when we aren't moving in the car (although I installed a car mirror in the back seat and while I can't see her very well, I think that is keeping her more entertained).  
CLOTHES: She is still wearing the 3-6 month clothes, but honestly I am in denial and we need to go up the next size (in these photos she is wearing a nine month outfit that is only slightly too big).  This past weekend, my sister and I went through some of her bigger sized clothing, and that got me a bit excited to make the change, but I still can't believe how quickly she is going through things.
It has been a wonderful month and it seems that we find new ways to love her even more each day. Cliched, but true...at least until teething begins! 

Birthday Weekend Recap!

What a great weekend!  I had such a wonderful time seeing my family that it was hard to say goodbye, but we will see each other soon, so that helps. 

On Friday afternoon my sister flew in.  She wasn't feeling 100 percent after her trip, so we just took it easy and relaxed.
It was a gorgeous day, so we did decide to take a quick walk with SC because we knew the rest of the weekend would be rainy.

On Saturday, the rest of my family arrived! We had lots of time together, and I made a simple lunch of bbq, using my favorite new recipe.
My favorite memory of that day was when my brother was holding SC and singing different songs to her.  She wasn't that interested so the husband kept suggesting Old MacDonald (her tried and true favorite).  As soon as my brother started singing Old MacDonald, SC perked up and our whole family started signing.  I have no idea what it is about that song, but it is a definite favorite!

That evening my parents, brother and sister-in-law headed back home and my sister and I just hung out and toasted her upcoming nuptials! She is getting married in three weeks, and I am so excited!
Sunday my sister headed back too, but I am very thankful for the time we had together.  I am certainly fortunate!

Five for Friday: Birthday Edition!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I've been waiting for this day all week because my sister flies in this afternoon!  She is coming to help me celebrate my birthday, and I am so happy to see her soon.  On Saturday the rest of my family is driving up, so I am feeling really fortunate.  I'm also hoping the husband's workload lightens a bit this weekend so we can all relax together.  Although I am not thrilled about getting another year older, I am really thankful for all that I have been blessed with!
For my birthday one of my friends sent me a cookie-gram. I had never even heard of these, but I think they are such a sweet idea! I definitely want to send these out to friends and family in the future because they are relatively inexpensive but such a nice surprise!
I received an email from Sephora saying I had a free gift for my birthday, so SC and I took a quick little walk and picked it up on Wednesday.  I am not really into beauty products, but I was surprised by how nice this complimentary gift was. Now to find time to use it!
I ordered this top from Target as a little birthday treat for myself, and I love the stripes. All things considered, I think it is relatively flattering.
In anticipation of my birthday, I've been trying to practice a little more self-care this week.  For me that meant finally exercising, and I'm happy that I was able to go five days in a row.  Three of those days were with SC in tow, but I'm glad I made the effort.

I am thrilled to be celebrating my birthday this year with this girl!  Last year I remember being pregnant with her on my birthday and thinking about how wonderful this day would be. 
 She is definitely the best gift ever!
What are your weekend plans?  I hope it is a lovely one!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I hope your day is filled with lots of luck!
Our little leprechaun is keeping me busy, but I'll be back on Friday with a Five for Friday!

Evidence that I have tidied the apartment since SC was born

For the past year I've been so focused getting our little apartment ready for Sarah Catherine (and purging as much as I can), that I haven't really made any other updates around our little home.  While our space will never look like something on Pinterest, I find that now that I'm home with SC, even small changes make a big difference. So when the husband asked what I would like for Christmas, I asked if I could update our bedroom a bit.  I definitely didn't do anything revolutionary, but I picked out this new comforter and ottoman.  The comforter is from Kate Spade's home line, and  I was a little afraid to buy it because reviews were mixed.  To be honest, I don't think the comforter is the highest quality, but I do love the print and think it is still fun without being too girly.   As you can also see from the photos, it shows wrinkles, which you can't iron out, but I am still a fan.  We've already survived one chocolate milk tsunami, and it came out okay, but I know that there are lots of spills to come.

I also got a new orchid to freshen up our space, and tried to get rid of a bit of clutter. They are just small changes (and it's embarrassing how long it took me to make them), but it makes our space a happier one to be in.

Anyone else making little updates?  I am feeling some spring cleaning coming on!

Weekend Recap!

Hello, friends! I ended up taking a blogging break last week because the first part of the week was pretty uneventful and then I visited my parents for a few days. Even though I was only gone a few days, it was a nice change of scenery and my parents loved seeing SC.  It didn't seem like that long ago that I had visited, but it had actually been six weeks, and my parents were ready to have a little time with their granddaughter! I enjoyed the time, but I was also glad to come home on Friday afternoon and see the husband again.
Lots of playtime at the grandparents' house!
The weekend was a bit of catch-up since I had been away for a few days and it was so relaxing. The husband got in two tennis matches and I even decided to hit up the treadmill.  I am hoping that I can start exercising more regularly, but we will see how that goes.  Everyone has been very encouraging and patient with me, but I'm definitely not happy with how things are in the status quo, and am hoping that regular exercise might make me feel better about everything/help me fit back into my old clothes.  I'll wax poetically about how I want to be a good role model for SC later, but for now, I would really just like my old clothes to fit!
She's pretty motivating, though!
In other news, I finally got some deep cleaning done and we spent lots of time hanging out with SC. I also decided to drop my middle of the night pump on Saturday night and got a whole seven hours of sleep for the first time since before SC was born.  It was amazing.
I like to think that she understands how to turn the page. 
How was your weekend?  I feel the Monday after we "spring" forward is always a little brutal.

Five for Friday!

Well, I started this post last week, but SC decided to wake up in the middle of the night while I was pumping, and that interrupted my blogging time.  So here is a five for Friday that include a few things from last week too!

With the warmer weather at the beginning of the week, SC and I took a few walks and used our new carrier.  She did really well, and I'm hoping that I can keep using it this spring!

As I've mentioned, it seems like SC is getting bigger each day and at her four month appointment, she weighed in at 13.8 pounds!  Last weekend the husband put together a bouncer for her and we've slowly been trying it out. 

I haven't been doing too much cooking lately, but I decided that I needed to get back on the bandwagon again.  This warmer weather motivated me to try the Slow Cooker Honey Balsamic Pulled Pork, and I'm happy to report that it is easy and also delicious.  I will be making this again in the spring and summer!

I also made a version of this recipe, to use up some quinoa that had been in the pantry for way too long. Despite my efforts, I just haven't been able to find a recipe I like for quinoa, but this turned out pretty tasty!

I can't wait for the season finale of Downton Abbey.  I was pretty distressed with the last episode, and I'm really hoping for a happy ending for Edith.  I know it's not realistic, but I just feel so bad for her! Not going to lie, if she doesn't have a happy ending, I will be pretty upset. I might need to get out more!

Oh, Super Tuesday

Last night wasn't so super.  The husband was in the office until past 2 am, and for some reason SC would not go to sleep until about 3 am, so today has been a long day. However, I feel really passionate about this primary and was determined to vote, but I was worried about the lines and SC being fussy (she's still tired from last night's festivities).  We finally made it to the polls in the early afternoon, and I think SC even enjoyed her little outing. 
 I won't talk about politics on the blog, because I don't want to offend anyone, but I'm really glad that I was able to vote today.  Even if the results aren't what I want, at least I tried to take a stand in what I believe is right. And I am very thankful for that!