Easy Baby Shower Games at Target!

I am always on the lookout for easy baby shower games because that is the season it seems like so many of my family and friends are in. While at Target on Tuesday night picking up "essentials", I found these in the dollar spot. Even though they were three dollars each, I still think they are a great deal and I know they will be useful for the next shower I help host this summer!
I just wanted to share, in case anyone else is on the lookout too!  I think shower games can be fun, but the last time I helped with games, it was quite an involved project. I picked up baby bingo, the clothes pin game where you can't say baby, a calendar to guess the birth date and these fun little scratchers. Now, I will only have to worry about prizes!


saw said...

So cute! Where were these last year?!?

Elle Sees said...

that's so cool they have these--that section always gets me.