Evidence that I have tidied the apartment since SC was born

For the past year I've been so focused getting our little apartment ready for Sarah Catherine (and purging as much as I can), that I haven't really made any other updates around our little home.  While our space will never look like something on Pinterest, I find that now that I'm home with SC, even small changes make a big difference. So when the husband asked what I would like for Christmas, I asked if I could update our bedroom a bit.  I definitely didn't do anything revolutionary, but I picked out this new comforter and ottoman.  The comforter is from Kate Spade's home line, and  I was a little afraid to buy it because reviews were mixed.  To be honest, I don't think the comforter is the highest quality, but I do love the print and think it is still fun without being too girly.   As you can also see from the photos, it shows wrinkles, which you can't iron out, but I am still a fan.  We've already survived one chocolate milk tsunami, and it came out okay, but I know that there are lots of spills to come.

I also got a new orchid to freshen up our space, and tried to get rid of a bit of clutter. They are just small changes (and it's embarrassing how long it took me to make them), but it makes our space a happier one to be in.

Anyone else making little updates?  I am feeling some spring cleaning coming on!


Annie said...

Oh I love it! The pink orchid plus gray comforter is so pretty together!

Elle Sees said...

looks great! wish you lived closer so i could babysit while ya spruced up! ;) seriously though--great job. i am working on some sprucing this weekend!

MWH said...

No updates, we are planning on moving soon so I need to purge!!! Rob has SOOOO many books that he wants to keep. I want to donate the majority of them!

Amy Rae said...

The new comforter is so cute! I love the design.

I'm planning on de-cluttering some stuff and cleaning my room really well during my Spring Break.

Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/