Five for Friday: Birthday Edition!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I've been waiting for this day all week because my sister flies in this afternoon!  She is coming to help me celebrate my birthday, and I am so happy to see her soon.  On Saturday the rest of my family is driving up, so I am feeling really fortunate.  I'm also hoping the husband's workload lightens a bit this weekend so we can all relax together.  Although I am not thrilled about getting another year older, I am really thankful for all that I have been blessed with!
For my birthday one of my friends sent me a cookie-gram. I had never even heard of these, but I think they are such a sweet idea! I definitely want to send these out to friends and family in the future because they are relatively inexpensive but such a nice surprise!
I received an email from Sephora saying I had a free gift for my birthday, so SC and I took a quick little walk and picked it up on Wednesday.  I am not really into beauty products, but I was surprised by how nice this complimentary gift was. Now to find time to use it!
I ordered this top from Target as a little birthday treat for myself, and I love the stripes. All things considered, I think it is relatively flattering.
In anticipation of my birthday, I've been trying to practice a little more self-care this week.  For me that meant finally exercising, and I'm happy that I was able to go five days in a row.  Three of those days were with SC in tow, but I'm glad I made the effort.

I am thrilled to be celebrating my birthday this year with this girl!  Last year I remember being pregnant with her on my birthday and thinking about how wonderful this day would be. 
 She is definitely the best gift ever!
What are your weekend plans?  I hope it is a lovely one!


Elle Sees said...

happy birthday! wahoo!!! i hope your weekend is fabulous!

Annie said...

She is so freaking adorable! I hope you have a wonderful birthday friend! You deserve every ounce of it. Enjoy time with family and make memories!

MWH said...

Happy Happy birthday!!! She is a cherub! Nice work getting some exercise in. It does make you feel so much better!

Regine Karpel said...

Happy birthday.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Amy Rae said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

SC is so adorable and that shirt is absolutely precious!!

Amy @