Five Months with Sarah Catherine!

I know that these monthly updates don't exactly make for the most interesting blog posts, but thank you all for indulging me.  I really love having these to look back on because SC is growing so quickly...and we all know that my mind isn't exactly a steel trap! These past two months I've been nostalgic for the newborn days (oh, how easy it is to forget the sleep deprivation), and I know in just a few more months I will probably feel the same way about this time.
So, here are some  highlights from this month:
WEIGHT: 14.9 pounds!  I am so thankful for her weight gain, especially as we will be gearing up for her surgery this summer.
LIKES:  SC loves her dad so much that it  is almost a bit ridiculous.  As soon as he walks into the room, she only has eyes for him and she is all smiles and coos.  It really does seem like they've had a special bond ever since she was born, and I am very thankful for that.
While SC does give her dad more than his fair share of smiles, she has started to giggle with me! She is also the only person on this earth who continues to think that my songs are worthy of a Grammy and she loves it when we sing and talk in the mirror together.
She continues to put everything that she can reach into her mouth, which is apparently normal, but a little terrifying for me.

We just started putting her in the bumbo seat and bouncer (for just a few minutes at a time), and she is a fan of both of them.  And one of her newest tricks is she loves to reach her toes...also a pretty average baby activity!
She's definitely getting more interested in solids, and so we are going to be starting them this month.  Admittedly, I've been dragging my feet on this project, but I can't delay  any longer!
DISLIKES: I feel she's been a pretty happy baby this month.  She does get a little over-stimulated when there are lots of people around, but for the most part, she just seems to go with the flow.  Just like the last few months, she still doesn't enjoy when we aren't moving in the car (although I installed a car mirror in the back seat and while I can't see her very well, I think that is keeping her more entertained).  
CLOTHES: She is still wearing the 3-6 month clothes, but honestly I am in denial and we need to go up the next size (in these photos she is wearing a nine month outfit that is only slightly too big).  This past weekend, my sister and I went through some of her bigger sized clothing, and that got me a bit excited to make the change, but I still can't believe how quickly she is going through things.
It has been a wonderful month and it seems that we find new ways to love her even more each day. Cliched, but least until teething begins! 


MWH said...

What will the surgery entail? I know you mentioned she was born with a CP, but it isn't noticeable, at least from pics I see :) A good friend's baby was born with a really severe one and has has numerous surgeries and will continue to. Is Sarah Catherine's inside her mouth? And happy 5 months!!!

Elle Sees said...

it has flown by!! love the updates on this cutie.

P*P*P said...

I love reading these posts!!! SC looks SO adorable...just so much cuteness, and it sounds like she is doing really well! Also, loved reading your birthday post -- happy belated birthday! Looks like it was a wonderful one!

Regine Karpel said...

God Bless

Annie said...

I love reading her updates and about how much she's grown!!! You'll love doing solids...don't be intimidated!

Amy Rae said...

Happy 5 months, SC! :)

Amy @