A Wedding Gift for My Sister!

While I'm still recovering from the weekend and my day trip down to Florida for my sister's wedding, I thought I'd share with you the wedding gift that we ended up giving my sister.  Since she eloped and didn't have a registry, I just tried to pick something I thought she would like.  I ended up choosing this Lindsay Letters print and framing it.
The bottom of the frame says "Mr. and Mrs." and I hope that they can put a wedding picture in it soon!
I also found this "Mr. & Mrs." card, which I thought was a fun addition.
Even though it's just a token gift, I think it is a nice way to remember the day! 


Annie said...

Oh that's so cute and thoughtful! Can't wait to hear more about the special day!

MWH said...

Rob's parents gave us that frame for Christmas. I still need to add a picture!

Elle Sees said...

i think those are precious and thoughtful gifts!!