Five for Friday!

I can't believe April is already here! Are you planning on pulling any April's Fools jokes today?  I am sure the husband will try to pull a few on me (and he will probably succeed!).  I won't  be doing any pranks, so here are my five for Friday!
For my birthday my sister gave me a copy of  All the Light We Cannot See, and I started and finished it this last weekend.  It is such a great novel, and I really enjoyed it.  While not necessarily the main purpose of the story, one thing it made me think about is how much control one really has over her own life.  Sometimes it's easy to forget how fortunate I am (also, not the author's intent, but just the rabbit hole I ended up going down).
Speaking of birthday gifts, my husband bought me this cute little necklace in honor of SC, and I have enjoyed wearing it lots this week too.

My sister and her finace are eloping next Friday (hurray!), but I'm flying down to take photos and witness their union! Currently, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to wear.  Obviously, I am  not the center of attention so it doesn't matter too much, but I still want to look nice. I am thinking of  wearing one of my Lilly Pulitzer for  Target dresses that I got last year, but my sister loves yellow and light purple, so I've been debating purchasing one of these dresses.  Time is ticking, so I need to make a decision...any thoughts?!
Even though the dress situation is in limbo, I have started packing and I also purchased their wedding gift! I love this bag to put their gift in that I picked up at Target this past week.
We're heading to Charlottesville today!  The husband has a work event, so SC and I are tagging along.  It will most likely just mean a change of scenery, but I'm still excited about this little trip!


Annie said...

Ohhhh I love that yellow dress!

MWH said...

I vote the yellow dress too! Eloping...many times during the wedding planning process I wished we had done that!

P*P*P said...

OK....I love that necklace, SO sweet...I must read that book (I've heard so many people say it's great!) vote is the yellow dress (I kind of want to buy that too!)...have fun in C-ville (such a cute little town!). Happy weekend!

Elle Sees said...

hope you had a good weekend--so much excitement!! i love that you wanted to choose a dress in her fave colors. so sweet!