Five for Friday!

It has been a pretty week in Virginia, and I have really been enjoying this spring weather. Here is what else has been going on lately!
SC has officially started solids! I have found this book useful as we slowly continue our foray into solid food every day.  I'm starting to work on building up my stash of baby food, so it doesn't get too overwhelming once she starts to eat more. By building up my stash, I mean that I have frozen 8 ounces of pureed we still have a ways to go, but we are getting there!
On my trip last weekend I read The Aviator's Wife. While I enjoyed it, a part of me feels sad that another author tried to write Anne Lindbergh's story, especially considering that Anne Lindbergh was a writer in her own right.  Regardless, it motivated me to read random articles about the Lindberghs this week.  It's amazing to think that they were hounded by the press for so long and now almost forgotten.
I've discovered the ultimate way to have a "capsule wardrobe".  Put all of your summer clothes in storage, get pregnant, discover that most of your clothes still don't fit you like you'd like/are looking more worn than you remember, put your winter clothes in storage...and then see what you have left! In all seriousness, my wardrobe has been pared down a lot and I'm trying to adjust to making sure my clothes are prepared to be spit up on multiple times a day.  I am excited that I  added this t-shirt in a happy pink into the mix. Speaking of which, where has all the color gone in stores?  I seriously bought the only brightly colored item in Ann Taylor! Now, if only I could put together an outfit like this one!

The Baby Gap had an additional 50% off of their sale stuff, so I stocked up for next year.  I don't know if SC really needs a raincoat, but seriously, how cute is this?! I love the little heart lining.

I thought this dog sweater was adorable, so SC will be sporting this next year.
 And I picked up a few gifts for expectant friends, like this little outfit.

And finally, these tulips from our long walk on Wednesday. Honestly, with the husband working late every night this week, this little outing was the highlight of the week.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!  My sister is actually flying into town and my parents are coming up on Saturday, so I can't wait to hang out with them! What is on your agenda?


saw said...

Love the picture of the tulips, SC and you! Can't wait to see you and springtime in Virginia. I'm pretty sure this weekend is going to be the highlight of my week! Love the cute clothes you bought for SC.

Annie said...

Don't know if this will help you but I use premade natural apple sauce and the del monte 4-pack of fruits (just blend all 4 packs without the juice). I only use fresh veggies and puree those. Makes it a lot easier to only make veggies and buy the fruits. Now that strawberries and blueberries are in season, I'll give those to her fresh. But I'm not pealing pears to give her those...they're from the package. I don't know! Just a tad bit of advice. Ha!

Elle Sees said...

love that pic of y'all!! i'm glad to hear you got the clear for solids. my youngest niece is 10 pounds and is 4 months old. i wanted to cry when i met her. and that's why i didn't post any pics of her online. she refuses to feed her solids. it's ridiculous.