Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! This week has gone surprisingly quickly, which is never a bad thing.  Here are my five for Friday!

SC and I have been enjoying our spring time walks every day.  This warmer weather has been really terrific for helping break up the day, and I love seeing all the flowers.  On our Thursday walk it seemed like it was literally raining pink petals. Yup, I definitely don't wonder why my eyes itch.
A bit more allergy friendly is this little tray I recently picked up at Home Goods.  I appreciate having a handy place to put my earrings.
I also bought these cute note cards, and now I need to get a few letters dropped in the mail!
The husband has worked late all week so I haven't had to worry about dinner for him, but I did make this bbq chicken recipe for me.  I used skinless chicken breasts to make it a little healthier, and while I think it would probably be better if cooked with chicken thighs, I still found this to be pretty tasty and will definitely make it again for the husband to try!

I am finally getting my hair cut this weekend!  It has been over six months, and now I'm just hoping and praying that it turns out okay.  If not, it won't be the end of the world if it doesn't and at least it will be shorter so I won't have to worry about SC pulling on it.
So that's what has been up with me lately!  Nothing too earth shattering, but enjoying life.  What's new with you?  Any exciting weekend plans?


MWH said...

I'm getting my hair cut next week. I can't believe you can go 6 months...I am there very 6 weeks! Well, that's mainly to get my gray hair covered ;)

Elle Sees said...

these 6 months have flown by. i love home goods--they have such goodstuff!!