Mother's Day Gifts!

Becoming a mom has changed me in lots of ways, but ever since the birth of SC, I have been flooded by an increased understanding and appreciation for everything that my parents have done and do for me.  So as special as this Mother's Day is to me, I wanted to be certain to make sure we especially honored our moms this year. While everything is always just a token, it makes me thankful to take a moment to celebrate our moms!

For my my mom, we made her a coffee mug from Shutterfly, her favorite cookies, and earrings with SC's birthstone. While it is pretty similar to what we gave last year, I did spend an absurd amount of time picking out the earrings (and I think my husband might qualify as a saint). 
My MIL enjoys wine, so we made her a personalized wine glass paired with this cute wine tote I found at Home Goods, a pretty set of candles, and a  peace sign scarf (she loves peace signs).
I love these candles we got her.  They come in a pretty box and are little votives labeled with different wishes.  I bought these last year on sale at Papyrus, but they are selling a similar version this year too.
And here is everything all wrapped up!
I am also thinking of adding this necklace for my MIL, as I love how organic it looks and is technically the October birthstone (pink opal).
I wanted to do something nice for my husband's aunt, since she is also always so supportive (and I wasn't able to do as much for her Christmas gift as I would have liked).  She loves yoga, so when I found this card and necklace at TJ Maxx, it was the perfect little gift.
For the husband's grandma, we are sending flowers because she always enjoys them. While they aren't an original gift, I know that she appreciates them.
So that is what I have managed to pull together for Mother's Day gifts! Now I just have to go buy cards for everyone and get these in the mail!  Anybody else picking out Mother's Day gifts?  May is a big month with lots of birthdays too, so there is quite a bit of celebrating during this month!


Elle Sees said...

i love what you chose for them!! so sweet!!

Annie said...

Just checking in on you! Hope all is well! Happy First Mother's Day weekend!