My Sister's Wedding!

I took almost 500 photos of my sister's wedding day, but I am only sharing a (relative) few, as my sister's husband probably isn't interested in having his picture featured on my blog. Even still, this post has a lot of photos! I will always be so thankful that I was able to share this day with them.

My sister held the same Bible that my mom had when she got married and the same one I carried too.
 Her bouquet!
On their way to the courthouse!
Their vows and exchange of rings.
Their vows were said in this pretty little gazebo!
Afterwards, we took a little walk on the pier, which is one of their special spots.
And of course they celebrated with cake!
So happy for you, dear sister. Wishing you all the happily-ever-afters in the world.


Annie said...

These are the sweetest! You did a wonderful job capturing their day! Love that dress on you too!

Elle Sees said...

that's so sweet! congrats to them

MWH said...

Beautiful flowers and looks like it was a perfect day for them!

Klein Dot Co said...

Such sweet photos of a special day!!

birdie to be said...

So pretty... love that dress!