Weekend Recap: Our Trip to Charlottesville!

Well, after my claims that this weekend would be pretty uneventful, I found that it was actually pretty exciting for us!  On Friday, we drove down to Charlottesville and checked into our hotel. There was a delay with our room, so they kindly upgraded us to a suite.  Having so much extra space was amazing and sadly, I think that it might have been bigger than our apartment!  Since my husband was busy with his work event all evening, my parents decided to come visit that evening since they only live an hour and a half away.

Despite the overcast weather in the morning, by the afternoon, the sun came out and we enjoyed walking around after our car trip.
I had a nice visit with my parents and then on Saturday morning, one of my friends came up to visit, since she also lives about an hour away.  We walked around UVA's undergrad campus and then picked up lunch.
I always think the undergrad campus is pretty, but they also had a piece of the Berlin Wall on exhibit, which was pretty interesting.
We felt so lucky to enjoy such a beautiful day!
But the most exciting thing that happened is that my friend announced that she's expecting a little one!
So, what I thought would be a pretty quiet weekend was certainly a happy one!  How was your weekend?  It's looking like there are going to be lots of babies in October!


Annie said...

Aww that's so exciting!

Laura Darling said...

Such exciting news about your friend! Glad you had a fun weekend!