Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Ours was filled with lots of family time and sunshine.

On Friday night, the husband went to a Nationals game with some of his friends.  He has been working such long hours these past few weeks, that I was glad he could enjoy a night out. Meanwhile, SC and I had a "girls night" which really wasn't any different than usual where she got most of the pampering, but I did try my face cleanser and mask that I had received from Sephora as a free sample ( I thought it was terrific, btw).
Saturday was a relaxed day with beautiful weather in the afternoon.  I finally got my hair cut (hurray!) and we went on a family walk.
During the wee hours of Sunday morning, SC went on a bit of a sleeping strike which made the day a bit rough, but it also made me thankful that she is normally such a good sleeper.  The husband and I took turns in the morning watching SC so we could both get a little sleep.  Even though it sounds cheesy, sometimes it is situations like that which remind me how glad I am that we are on this parenting journey together. Besides catching up on sleep, I also met a friend that afternoon.  It was great to see her and she also enjoyed seeing SC! 

Even though it was a quiet weekend, I was so thankful that we could have so much time together to relax as a family!

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Elle Sees said...

she's such a cutie in the duck towel! oh no about the sleeping!! that's the worst when they decide to get off schedule!!