Memorial Day Weekend Recap!

Hello, friends!  I hope that you all have been doing well and had a nice weekend! In addition to eating our weight in watermelon (me) and corn on the cob (the husband), these are the highlights from the weekend!

On Friday night the husband and I decided to bring SC down to our apartment's indoor pool to see how she liked the water.  I was pretty sure she was going to start wailing, but she really liked being in the water!  She went two more times that weekend and really enjoyed it.
On Saturday, we took a short walk to a nearby park and that afternoon I went to the mall for a few returns and to see if I could find any casual summer dresses.  I ended up buying this dress and this one, both in navy blue.  They first one is especially comfy, but I'm so excited to have something new to wear for summer time!  It was also a real luxury to have time to look and not worry about SC getting fussy.
Sunday was another relaxing day, and I made my favorite bbq in the crock pot for an easy dinner.  For some reason the summertime always makes the apartment feel a bit cluttery, so the husband and I did a pretty ruthless purging of our things on Monday.  Our space is feeling so much lighter and more organized.  There is nothing quite as thrilling as finding a missing glove that you've been looking for or finally getting rid of a wedding present that you've never liked and have been hiding in a cabinet (not that the last one was me...). So that is what we have been up to! How about you?

Weekend Recap: The Husband's Birthday!

Happy Monday, everyone!  It was a rainy weekend around here, but we tried not to let it ruin our birthday fun!  Unfortunately, my FIL was also sick, so we just visited on Saturday (as his cold was getting worse and not better).
On Sunday we decided to visit the Botanical Gardens and the Native American Museum.  I was pretty thrilled with the husband's pick, because we were able to also check out the rose garden in between the two buildings. 
The husband and I never get too carried away with birthday gifts, but he seemed to like the card SC got him. She also got some onesies out of the deal, that have the logos of some of his favorite sports teams on them, so really she came out ahead.
Since the husband's beloved Pepperidge Farm cake had been devoured by the evening of the husband's birthday, I decided to make a few cupcakes.
That evening we celebrated with hamburgers from the husband's favorite place and a little champagne after SC was down for the night.
Tomorrow SC and I are heading down to Williamsburg for a quick trip to celebrate my mom's birthday, so I will probably be quiet on the blog until Friday or next week.  I'm excited about this sunshine and hoping it will last as we plan to do a little site seeing!

Five for Friday: Life Lately!

I took a week trip to visit my parents because my sister was also visiting before she starts teaching her summer sessions. It was such a nice trip and being with my family always makes me so thankful for them.  Even though it was a relaxed visit, I thought I would sum up the highlights of life lately!
We celebrated my brother's graduation from his nursing program!  My brother has a big personality and an even bigger heart, so I know he will bring a lot of comfort and joy to his patients. 
SC attended and got to use her sun hat. Can you even see the baby behind it?! My dad teaches where my brother did his program, so he handed my brother his diploma. 
The husband came down on Saturday to celebrate my brother's graduation and we also met with the surgeon and other specialists in a cleft palate clinic on Monday.  SC is ready for surgery, so we are  scheduled for the end of July. Even though my husband and I are not looking forward to it, I am glad we are making progress on getting it done. In other SC news, my mom had a duck costume that we couldn't resist having her try on. Halloween came early!
My mom loves to garden and I am always amazed at her skills. She managed to take two tiny starters from a friend and now has two big peony bushes. I am lucky I keep a geranium alive! The whole time we were there, we enjoyed all the flowers from her garden.
We also celebrated my sister's birthday, since she will be abroad on the actual day.  For her gift, we worked on creating a wedding album from Shutterfly. I'm so excited that it is on its way to her!
And last, but certainly not least, the  husband's birthday is this Sunday! I am hoping that SC and I can make him feel just as special and loved as he makes me feel every day.
As a side note, my mom sent me back with the husband's favorite cake and he has already started celebrating!
My FIL is also coming up to join in the festivities, so it should be a fun weekend! So that is what has been happening with us lately.  How has life been treating you?

7 Months with Sarah Catherine!

This last month went by especially quickly as May is always a busy month in our family!  We celebrated our first Mother's Day, attended her uncle's graduation and celebrated one of her aunt's birthdays.  She also went to my old work and met a lot of my former co-workers, which was fun.  Here are her seven month highlights!
Likes: She hasn't figured out clapping yet, but she loves it when we clap. She still loves Old MacDonald, and she enjoys her play piano and when we play for her on the real piano at grandma and grandpa's house.  It's amazing to me how much babies love music! She is also a huge fan of peekaboo, and that is definitely our go-to game!
Dislikes: Still hates it when the car is stopped, but usually singing can help with that.

Feeding:  We're still working on trying solids and it is going a little bit better.  She is definitely interested in real food, but I'm having a hard time parlaying that interest into excitement over purees.  We also figured out that she's having an allergic reaction to the dairy products I eat, so I've been cutting that out of my diet.

Clothes: She is fitting the nine month clothes well, and I am attempting to squeeze her into a few things that are six months, but I don't think I can do that much longer.  When I visited my parents I discovered a drawer full of nine month clothes from her baby shower, and that is currently supplying her current wardrobe.  She actually needed a few sleepers, so I ordered a few and am hoping that will tide us over until she goes into the next size.

SC seems to just keep getting more independent, and is officially sitting up on her own.  Sometimes she looks like she is all ready to crawl, but I'm hoping we have a little bit more time before that.  She is definitely growing though!

Mother's Day Weekend Recap!

Last week SC and I went to visit my parents, so having this weekend as just our family of three was really nice and relaxing.  Saturday we decided to go into the city and visited the Library of Congress because the husband had never been. 
I think it is such a beautiful building.
Saturday evening I took a trip to Target and was surprised that the husband and SC had picked up some Mother's Day flowers and a sweet card!
Sunday the weather was gorgeous after so many days of rain, so we went on two little walks. Since we couldn't be with our moms, I decided to make a little sign wishing both grandmas happy Mother's Day and I think they enjoyed it.

 I am so thankful for these two and this stage in our lives.  It isn't always easy, but it is a blessing.

I know Mother's Day can be difficult for so many, but I hope that however you celebrated you were at peace.