7 Months with Sarah Catherine!

This last month went by especially quickly as May is always a busy month in our family!  We celebrated our first Mother's Day, attended her uncle's graduation and celebrated one of her aunt's birthdays.  She also went to my old work and met a lot of my former co-workers, which was fun.  Here are her seven month highlights!
Likes: She hasn't figured out clapping yet, but she loves it when we clap. She still loves Old MacDonald, and she enjoys her play piano and when we play for her on the real piano at grandma and grandpa's house.  It's amazing to me how much babies love music! She is also a huge fan of peekaboo, and that is definitely our go-to game!
Dislikes: Still hates it when the car is stopped, but usually singing can help with that.

Feeding:  We're still working on trying solids and it is going a little bit better.  She is definitely interested in real food, but I'm having a hard time parlaying that interest into excitement over purees.  We also figured out that she's having an allergic reaction to the dairy products I eat, so I've been cutting that out of my diet.

Clothes: She is fitting the nine month clothes well, and I am attempting to squeeze her into a few things that are six months, but I don't think I can do that much longer.  When I visited my parents I discovered a drawer full of nine month clothes from her baby shower, and that is currently supplying her current wardrobe.  She actually needed a few sleepers, so I ordered a few and am hoping that will tide us over until she goes into the next size.

SC seems to just keep getting more independent, and is officially sitting up on her own.  Sometimes she looks like she is all ready to crawl, but I'm hoping we have a little bit more time before that.  She is definitely growing though!

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Elle Sees said...

love the update on her! she is such a cutie pie!!!