Five for Friday: Life Lately!

I took a week trip to visit my parents because my sister was also visiting before she starts teaching her summer sessions. It was such a nice trip and being with my family always makes me so thankful for them.  Even though it was a relaxed visit, I thought I would sum up the highlights of life lately!
We celebrated my brother's graduation from his nursing program!  My brother has a big personality and an even bigger heart, so I know he will bring a lot of comfort and joy to his patients. 
SC attended and got to use her sun hat. Can you even see the baby behind it?! My dad teaches where my brother did his program, so he handed my brother his diploma. 
The husband came down on Saturday to celebrate my brother's graduation and we also met with the surgeon and other specialists in a cleft palate clinic on Monday.  SC is ready for surgery, so we are  scheduled for the end of July. Even though my husband and I are not looking forward to it, I am glad we are making progress on getting it done. In other SC news, my mom had a duck costume that we couldn't resist having her try on. Halloween came early!
My mom loves to garden and I am always amazed at her skills. She managed to take two tiny starters from a friend and now has two big peony bushes. I am lucky I keep a geranium alive! The whole time we were there, we enjoyed all the flowers from her garden.
We also celebrated my sister's birthday, since she will be abroad on the actual day.  For her gift, we worked on creating a wedding album from Shutterfly. I'm so excited that it is on its way to her!
And last, but certainly not least, the  husband's birthday is this Sunday! I am hoping that SC and I can make him feel just as special and loved as he makes me feel every day.
As a side note, my mom sent me back with the husband's favorite cake and he has already started celebrating!
My FIL is also coming up to join in the festivities, so it should be a fun weekend! So that is what has been happening with us lately.  How has life been treating you?


MWH said...

Congrats to your brother! I always say that I should have gone into nursing, now I think it's a little to late to go back to school. So cool your dad gave him his diploma. I'm sure he was so proud!

Annie said...

Wow y'all have been busy!!! So much to celebrate! So awesome y'all made her a wedding album!