Memorial Day Weekend Recap!

Hello, friends!  I hope that you all have been doing well and had a nice weekend! In addition to eating our weight in watermelon (me) and corn on the cob (the husband), these are the highlights from the weekend!

On Friday night the husband and I decided to bring SC down to our apartment's indoor pool to see how she liked the water.  I was pretty sure she was going to start wailing, but she really liked being in the water!  She went two more times that weekend and really enjoyed it.
On Saturday, we took a short walk to a nearby park and that afternoon I went to the mall for a few returns and to see if I could find any casual summer dresses.  I ended up buying this dress and this one, both in navy blue.  They first one is especially comfy, but I'm so excited to have something new to wear for summer time!  It was also a real luxury to have time to look and not worry about SC getting fussy.
Sunday was another relaxing day, and I made my favorite bbq in the crock pot for an easy dinner.  For some reason the summertime always makes the apartment feel a bit cluttery, so the husband and I did a pretty ruthless purging of our things on Monday.  Our space is feeling so much lighter and more organized.  There is nothing quite as thrilling as finding a missing glove that you've been looking for or finally getting rid of a wedding present that you've never liked and have been hiding in a cabinet (not that the last one was me...). So that is what we have been up to! How about you?


MWH said...

Glad she liked the pool! We did some packing and organizing. I am with your husband, I could eat corn on the cob for every meal in the summer.

Annie said...

That's funny about the wedding gift. Love the dresses you got! And so happy she loves the pool! The joy in their face is worth the inconvenience of dealing with the pool...pool diaper etc...