Mother's Day Weekend Recap!

Last week SC and I went to visit my parents, so having this weekend as just our family of three was really nice and relaxing.  Saturday we decided to go into the city and visited the Library of Congress because the husband had never been. 
I think it is such a beautiful building.
Saturday evening I took a trip to Target and was surprised that the husband and SC had picked up some Mother's Day flowers and a sweet card!
Sunday the weather was gorgeous after so many days of rain, so we went on two little walks. Since we couldn't be with our moms, I decided to make a little sign wishing both grandmas happy Mother's Day and I think they enjoyed it.

 I am so thankful for these two and this stage in our lives.  It isn't always easy, but it is a blessing.

I know Mother's Day can be difficult for so many, but I hope that however you celebrated you were at peace. 


Elle Sees said...

happy mother's day to you!! it sounds like a lovely weekend.

Annie said...

What a sweet weekend yall had! You are always so thoughtful and you made that sign for your Mom's!