Weekend Recap: The Husband's Birthday!

Happy Monday, everyone!  It was a rainy weekend around here, but we tried not to let it ruin our birthday fun!  Unfortunately, my FIL was also sick, so we just visited on Saturday (as his cold was getting worse and not better).
On Sunday we decided to visit the Botanical Gardens and the Native American Museum.  I was pretty thrilled with the husband's pick, because we were able to also check out the rose garden in between the two buildings. 
The husband and I never get too carried away with birthday gifts, but he seemed to like the card SC got him. She also got some onesies out of the deal, that have the logos of some of his favorite sports teams on them, so really she came out ahead.
Since the husband's beloved Pepperidge Farm cake had been devoured by the evening of the husband's birthday, I decided to make a few cupcakes.
That evening we celebrated with hamburgers from the husband's favorite place and a little champagne after SC was down for the night.
Tomorrow SC and I are heading down to Williamsburg for a quick trip to celebrate my mom's birthday, so I will probably be quiet on the blog until Friday or next week.  I'm excited about this sunshine and hoping it will last as we plan to do a little site seeing!


saw said...

Such happy pictures! I love the picture of SC on the floor with the banner. hope you are staying healthy and happy.

Annie said...

Such a sweet birthday celebration! And that view from yalls place?!!! So pretty!!

Elle Sees said...

happy bday to da hubs!! looks like a great time was had. SC is such a cutie pie!