Father's Day Weekend Celebrations!

I know no one is waiting on the edge of  his or her seat for the Father's Day weekend recap, but I didn't want it to end up being next weekend before I posted!  (I went down to visit my parents on Monday and Tuesday for a Father's Day celebration with my dad, hence the late post.) The husband is such a good father to SC and truly his new role has made our relationship even stronger. He works so hard for us, and dotes and cares for SC on a level I never even dreamed of.  Every day I am so thankful for him and our little family.
His mom and grandma came up to visit for the weekend, which was nice. On Saturday they arrived at dinner time, so I just made an easy bbq. Of course, SC was the star of the show.
On Sunday, we visited the National Gallery of Art and the Botanical Gardens. We all enjoyed the different exhibits, and when we came back, we took SC to the pool!
I made the husband's favorite salmon for dinner, and we had a nice time relaxing. SC helped the husband open up his  gifts. Apparently she also appreciates quality wrapping. 
It was a great weekend, and I was happy we could celebrate all the amazing dads in our lives!

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Annie said...

Oh my you must frame the first picture of them! It's SO cute!